Our Team Members

The SHF team consists of experts from varied backgrounds, finance and the private sector, WASH, academia, UN and civil society. Based out of Geneva, Nairobi, Phnom Penh and Brussels, the team's diverse life and work experiences ensure our work is grounded in respect and integrity, innovation and efficiency and collaboration and accountability.  

Image Anna Konate

Anna Konate

Senior Manager, Operations

As the Operation Senior Manager, Anna is in charge of driving a cost-effective business model for the SHF alongside shaping a ‘value for money’ culture. 

Her areas of expertise include extensive experience in local economic development, working with international development institutions and programme management, and the ability to improve relationships with stakeholders and the socio-economic development of host communities with specific reference to African countries.

Anna strongly believes that women and young girls are essential stakeholders for the eradication of poverty, promotion of goodness, values and human rights at large and is eager to contribute to the important work SHF is doing to improve access to sanitation, hygiene and menstrual health and hygiene.

Anna Konaté holds an Msc in Social Business and Entrepreneurship from London School of Economics-LSE after a Master’s degree from HEC Rabat. 

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Image Anton

Anton Jantunen

Country Fund Portfolio Specialist

Prior to joining SHF, Anton worked as the Chief Financial Officer at Kasha - a digital retail platform for women's health and selfcare reaching the mass market in East Africa to the last mile. His main responsibilities included fundraising, strategy, financial analysis, and reporting. Prior to joining Kasha in 2019, he worked as a consultant for Mercy Corps Ventures in Nairobi advising African startups with strategic and operational challenges. Before he relocated to Kenya in 2019, Anton worked as Investment Manager executing equity investments in venture and growth stage companies in the Nordics at Tesi and advised companies with fundraisings and M&A transactions as a corporate finance advisor at EY. 

Anton holds a Master’s degree (finance major) from Aalto University School of Business.

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Image Elke de Buhr

Elke Johanna de Buhr

Head of Monitoring & Evaluation

Since completing her PhD with a study of orphans and vulnerable children in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Elke has served as a faculty member for universities on three continents, and worked on research, monitoring and evaluation in many countries and contexts, including on human development (UNDP – worldwide), emergency response/disaster relief (UNOCHA – Asia and Africa), HIV/AIDS (CDC – Ethiopia and Rwanda), child protection (UNICEF – DRC), child and forced labor (US Department of Labor, the World Bank, Fairtrade International, Walk Free Foundation – worldwide), and rural development and agriculture (USDOL, Fairtrade – Africa and South & Central America). 

Elke joined UNOPS in 2019, where she led planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting for the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council. In July 2021, Elke became the Sanitation and Hygiene Fund’s first Head of Monitoring and Evaluation.

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Image Jacob Said

Jacob Said

Governance Officer

Jacob has been serving the UN across the development, humanitarian and peacebuilding fields for over a decade, including UNDP, UNRWA and the UN Secretariat through its Special Political Mission in Guinea-Bissau.

Working closely with our Board, Jacob ensures that the SHF governance frameworks are robust, fully functional, and contributing towards the achievement of SHF’s mission, in compliance with our corporate policies.

As a Chevening scholar, Jacob holds a MSc in International Development from The University of Edinburgh. 

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Image James Wicken

James Wicken

Head, Country Fund Portfolio

James has worked on sanitation, hygiene and water issues in Asia, Pacific and Africa for twenty years, ranging from local implementation to national and global policy perspectives.

At SHF, James heads the Country Portfolio team leading our work on supporting countries to identify and scale up local, viable and sustainable sanitation, hygiene and menstrual health solutions through partnerships and innovative financing approaches.

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LaToya Coute

Special Assistant to the Executive Director

LaToya worked for 15 years with the UN Secretariat at the HQ in NY, primarily in Peacekeeping. During this time, she spent more than 5 years combined working in field missions all around the world. Based in Geneva for more than 5 years now with her family, working for UNOPS, LaToya has a Masters of Science in Business Management & Leadership. Her areas of expertise are in training, information management, operations and HR.

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Image Ludivine

Ludivine Le Moigne

Administrative Assistant

Ludivine joined the SHF team in January 2022 after working for more than 20 years as a travel agent. Originally from France, Ludivine arrived in Switzerland in 2009.

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Image Neloum

Neloum Koumtingue

Finance Specialist

With an educational background in Business Management and Financial Management, Neloum has more than 12 years of experience working in the development context.

Neloum joined UNOPS in May 2019 as a Finance Specialist with WSSCC. She supported the Global Sanitation Fund in the programme implementation in Africa and Asia.

Before joining UNOPS, Neloum served as Finance and Administrative Officer for the Africa Office of the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP-UNESCO) where she led the operations of the Institute in supporting African countries in effectively planning and managing their education systems.

Neloum speaks French and English. She loves reading and is passionate about interior design. She is also an active member of the Chadian Girl Guides movement.  

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