Performance Indicators

The SHF’s ambition is to support nearly one billion people with market-based interventions and a focus on achieving sustainable and resilient safely managed sanitation, hygiene, and menstrual health and hygiene (MHH) in households, schools and health care facilities.

The SHF’s highest level results indicators are its three Apex Indicators.

  • Apex Indicator 1 assesses how many people the SHF is reaching (“Accelerating the number of individuals with inclusive and sustainable access to improved sanitation, hygiene and MHH”).
  • Apex Indicator 2 measures how much money the SHF and the sanitation and hygiene sector is investing (“Increasing the volume of investments in the sanitation economy”). 
  • Apex Indicator 3 addresses the longer term impact and sustainability of the investments (“Realising the value of the sanitation economy, with goods and services that are inclusive”).
Apex Indicators


Country level progress is assessed by 10 key performance indicators (KPIs) covering access to inclusive and sustainable sanitation, hygiene and MHH, increased investments into the sector, strengthened government systems, increased market size and market access with products and services that are inclusive, climate resilient and sustainable, strengthened national data and data systems, and the broader human development impact of SHF investments on environment, health, education and economic well-being.