Monitoring And Evaluation /
Monitoring and Evaluation

SHF is a data driven organisation, making decisions based on facts and determined to demonstrate its impact transparently. We support national systems for inclusive monitoring and evaluation on sanitation and hygiene. Adhering to WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme and related sector norms, we support robust and, where appropriate, integrated data gathering to inform assessments and evaluations, and investment decisions. We monitor county investment readiness, investment case and finance strategy development, and quantify the effectiveness and efficiency of investments covering both economic performance (i.e., value for money) and the gender and human development impacts associated with realising the value of the sanitation economy.

Country portfolio performance is measured through bi-annual progress and results reporting by primary recipients, which is independently verified. Independent outcome surveys and evaluations are conducted in 2 to 3 year intervals and address the longer-term investment outcomes and sustainability. We also work to better understand and quantify climate resilience and the broader human development impact of different types of investments. This requires the development of innovative methodologies for market-based approaches and different types of financing mechanisms, methodologies that quantify the environmental impact of investments and the modeling of health, education and economic impacts.